Like the winter snow
 Shows up while you’re asleep  
 What I felt had changed  
 From every time before today  
 Albeit, that doesn’t mean a thing
 For anyone, especially for me  
 There are things we know
 In a cosmic lightning speed  
 And recognize it’s truth  
 Long before we can even think  
 The writing is on the wall  
 Even if we don’t dare to read  
 We can feel the message presence  
 Even if it never tries to breathe  
 All my wishing won’t change a thing
 Reality can speak so bitterly
 If this, if that- just shifting sand
 To pretend it can be different   
 I don’t want to believe it's true
 Another storm I have to get through
 I’ve been here a time or two
 Though I can’t say, ever this deep  
 The writing is on the wall
 And time itself is… nearly gone
 Poet of the Light © 2020

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