Tolls of time

 Lost drowned city revealed  
 Perchance of lowered levels   
 Like unseen Holy water mist  
 You slipped thru my fissures
 Droplet by droplet, you seeped  
Even a moon has unknown powers
 Permeating pass all my defenses  
 I didn’t really have a chance  
 Not that I wanted to stop you
 Truth be told, I prayed for it  
 And your presence restarted
 That kindled fire of old within
 Fueled only by hope to be loved
 With the vigor of oceans waves  
 That crossed the great seas to land  
 Upon the lost shores of an island  
 That nearly forgot about living  
 But now- its smothering itself  
 Stifling in the airless chambers  
 As hope is waning once again
 The chilly ambiance is telling   
 As transitory fogs roll back in  
 Too incompatible with desires  
 Too aberrational to really matter
 Unsightly display: unwanted ruins  
 Flickering in...prevailing winds  
  Poet of the Light ©  2020  

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