Seems anecdotal  
 But it took some time  
 For me to realize  
 We won’t fill that void
 Existing in each others lives  
 And I find it heartbreaking
 Maybe, you always knew
 But kept it to yourself  
 Things aren't what they seem 
 So little makes any sense
 But we all know- that's love  
 Its honestly hard to cope
 When you feel you got so close  
 Only to watch it burn away suddenly
 Left here in the darkness
 How so poetically apropos
 And you’ll move on
 To where you belong  
 I’m at a lost for words now
 Of what I should say to you  
 There’s a part of me that hurts
 That doesn’t want to hurt you too
 All I know, is what I don’t  
 And I wish I didn’t- now  
 As I try to feel the wind again
 Maybe it's just too cold?
 Now, you just wanna be friends  
 Story of my life, new chapter  
 Same continual tragic ending   
 Me- picking up the pieces  
 Of my open hearts… disaster  
 Poet of the Light © 2020   

30 thoughts on “Shortfall

    1. Sad? it might depend on one’s clear and subjective perspective I suppose. It also might well be a huge mistake to presume this is about me and or in current times. Love for everyone is as uniquely different as a fingerprint and on a time frame of its own. In other words, imho, if you think you’re controlling love, maybe it’s really not love at all? Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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      1. As always light i enjoy your stuff and we all interpret bits and pieces of anything anyone writes never presumed it as current or in relation to you sorry if that was implied lol just thought it was sad and speaking from my own experiences I always take one day at a time and have learned you can’t hurry love true love comes naturally and love that starts immediately is more of attraction then the purity of love….for me personally I have learned that love grows beautifully one day at a time as you learn about someone …as always beautiful poem 😊👍

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  1. Interested in your theory light beautiful words spoken from sentimental softness is beautiful and so nice to read…maybe you can share…as always your poems are real and honest touching and amazing …and honestly refreshing in this world of dishonesty and vulgar and inhumanity…so nice to read of love verses deception and evilness …we can all learn from a different perspective

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    1. My theory is just as anecdotal as everyone else’s and acquired of the years and of no more importance.
      I’ll simply say, what one understands on a conscious level doesn’t come close to what most people inadvertently overlook concerning the subconscious level, where the examination of why’s and how’s people follow repeated patterns in their life. But this really isn’t the forum for that and would certainly take a great deal of time, especially online to engage in. Besides, I’m just a simple humble writer.


  2. There is something so wonderful about this poem that I cannot quite name.. its full of wisdom and no not so much sad as a very accurate portrayal of how love can unfold, which as you say, is unique in each case.. I loved the dance and rhythm and flow in this one.

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