Symptote or Asymptote

Sun is rising, mood departing: tragic

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe we both are

Depends who really you’re asking

Between my mind or my heart

Am I being too weak when you call;

And come running far too easily?

Girl, where you taking me today;

Should I stay, should I follow blindly?

I know both of our former lives are littered

With broken mistakes we’ve both made

Trusting unworthy people who hurt us

But, we’re not them- and it ain’t back then

And I hear everything you’re saying

But sometimes I just don’t understand

Like the way we’re always speaking evasive

In silliness when talking about things

Never making them real enough to matter

In more than a few daily conversations

Second guessing yourself won’t do

Rechecking a growing list of conditions

We don’t need builtin escape avenues

To run away from what we’re feeling

And I don’t like guessing games at all

If you need more time, set me aside

Go back and do what you gotta do

Lets not love each other or not in half truths

I’d rather know for sure before I fall

Even though it maybe too late for that now

And the landing maybe harder than I want

What I’m saying girl, when it comes to my heart

Everything said or not, makes a difference to me

What you say, and what I think you mean

May never come together in a lovers reality

Giving me no sense of direction, I’m blind

Why can’t we just simply speak plainly

Girl I’ve said, I dream of holding someone

That’s real and understanding from the heart

Someone that moves me without any effort

A woman, that loves a man like me honestly

Someone who want to live love, like breathing

In all those every days we spend together

someone more than something abstractly painted

Sometimes it feels like I’m holding on to empty

So know when it comes to love, girl

I just want to fall together…into one dream


Poet of the Light © 2020


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