Hid ever changing colors of a prism
It’s not conventional thought of desire
That rages forth like a normal wildfire
From the very depths of my soul’s core
It’s a thirst, a hunger- an innate need
Beyond water, food, basic nurturing
Stripped of all the falseness or masking
Like a clear living block of ice- I burn
Without a flame susceptible to dosing
I smolder deep inside my skins cover
My blood boils in my veins nonstop
As all their echoes cling for dear life
Pictures, words sacrifice themselves
To feed this unrelenting abnormality
Like a volcano lava flow grows to burst
My heart has now lost all control within
To sustain a harmonious way of being
A sinful like rebellion has broken out
Defying logic of human understanding
Secretly abdicating to only...your touch

Poet of the Light © 2020


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