You’d think I’d know better
Than cast all caution to the wind
Truth is I do, if this is now
Now exists for all unproven fools 
Some things are just inevitable
How fashionable you’re becoming
Even when I lay down to sleep
I can almost feel your silence
I can almost feel you breathe
Time keeps slipping away
From those nervous hands
Hey! speaking of hands
I wish I knew how yours felt
Especially nestled inside of mine
For now, I’ll just dream me an answer
That brings me a smile and serenity
Something inside me is restless
Can’t quite put my finger on it
But I know, I would if I could reach
My mind covers so many miles between
Makes me wish I was just a thought
I would’ve already been gone
Dancing the moonlight away
Inside your welcoming arms
Tangled in your kisses and whispers
My wished for reality, unspoken
Hidden deep inside as...your dream

Poet of the Light © 2020

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