Indelible impediment

From afar they just watch
My foolishness in motion
Come to life: entertainment

By my misunderstandment
I abhor unseen glass walls
I should’ve felt intrinsically
Disappearances are deflating

Those of us who still carry
Our riddled scarred hearts
Drowning in dark questions
Who is really to blame here?
From who must forgiveness
Be sought and or granted to?
Remaining a susceptible lover

No matter what say it our age
Love can be an alluring gem
That will defy all probability
When our desire lead us astray
Behind auspicious illusions
Promises, not to do us harm
To misrepresent loves feelings
But our childish hearts chase
After those folklore characters
Only to discover your reality
Has been misplaced by words
Dreams wouldn’t ever believe
Cupid has sold me for penny’s
How long before the bell tolls?

You’re in a spellbinding twirl
Unable to grasp your own world
Misused trust merely their prop
On that preverbal pad of paper
You’ve become their… caricature

Poet of the Light © 2020


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