Death grips


There are times its never easy

Being honest to our foolish hearts

Recognizing the time to- let go

Some before it gets any worse

Sometimes before love ever starts

But either way, it’s clear

Sometimes we hold on for too long

Some people have nothing to gain

While others have nothing to lose

But in the end, the innocent pay the price

Most of which they can least afford again

Sometimes we make friends lovers

By letting desire dishonestly justify

And it never works out right

Besides, friends don’t go backwards

Especially when we never let them go

In the truest of understandments

Out of fear of being abandoned

Out of fear of being left…alone


Poet of the Light © 2020


4 thoughts on “Death grips

  1. Nothing to fear of being alone. It strengthens u. Builds ur character. U do realize in a while that u really dont need anyone. And sometimes the ones u love r not the ones u need. A soulmate doesnt always become ur lover. A twin flame is like a twin of u. One who understands u best as they r the same. Some hold true love too loosely and it disappears. It needs to be worked on…perfected

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