Her gentle touch, touched me
Long before her words followed
I tried to hide myself away
But her voice clearly cut through
All my walls- like a missing light
And I felt moved in my silence
As my heart and mind raced
Nearly speechless enjoying the feelings
I thought drowned in darkness, long ago
Left in a forgotten past and lost hope
Where I laid naked and alone
All my inner ghosts fled my mind
And once again my soul- breathed life
What magic does she hold, this angel?
I feel hope in my heart once again
It's been so long since that flame, burned
Or have I finally died, inside myself?
What if this is all a cruel illusion dreamed?
And now I’m afraid of getting lost
Inside her fading echoes
While I wait for a new dawning to follow
And lead me to where...I belong

Poet of the Light © 2020


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