Loves frame of mind

I’d want to extract the real you

Only to paint you in picture perfect


Where we fashionable picnic in a park

Then lay in each other’s arms, kissing


Near vast remote lakes to go camping

Skinny dipping in its sun warm waters


Spend half a morn picking wild flowers

And we’d sit beneath a tree laughing


Afternoon stroll along the beach

Planning to do absolutely nothing


Sit within each other’s bodily clutch

As evening breeze teases a campfire


Breakfast at dawn while under covers

Then you, in my long tail shirt, smiling


Day hikes, off to those silent summits

Where we breathe in pure unspoiled life


Long hand holding walks in the woods

As peelings of lived colors fall upon


Winter’s precursor to powder snowfall

Where we lay and make soul angels


Stroll in sporadic flakes of white ashes

Before long close nights of making love


Oh- if I was such a painter of loves magic

I’d dip myself in wine and get drunk on…us


Poet of the Light © 2020


11 thoughts on “Loves frame of mind

  1. Gorgeous as usual. You have a true talent for imagery.


    1) “within one another” – should this be “within one another’s”?
    2) “breath” – should this be “breathe” (a verb, rather than a noun)?
    3) “winters” or “winter’s”? and (same question, really) “loves” or “love’s”?

    Liked by 1 person

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