It’s bewildering: synchronicity

Stumbling over that threshold

Of someone else’s

Into the cold sobering air

Of reality; that waking sensation

That numb and yet accidental

Humiliation, all rolled into one moment

Experienced simultaneously

Wanted or not, shattering your delusion

Circumstances make for romantic fools

Time and time again over the ages

After you started believing in a love possibility

That would defy all odds of probability

But- instead find yourself facing- it not

Standing alone in that never ending moment

That you don’t have a chance in hell

To sum it all up, mildly

Not only are they silently rejecting you

But you have to fully admit

And responsibly evict your unwelcome self

As one of those “good ones” again

Another scar for your souls sleeve

Seen and praised for all your realness

You and your revealed heart of gold title

Are left in as a dark shivering of an answer

As not good enough to be the one wanted

And now you’re forced to silently…move on


Poet of the Light © 2020


21 thoughts on “Patented

      1. Sure. Unlike those pivotal and life changing moments we “uniquely” experience, someone else has already “owned” that moment before us, we’re just borrowing it, which is why we need to evict ourselves in a rational manner. I do hope that wasn’t too deep and made sense.

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      2. Oh! Of course that makes sense. Thanks, yes, a concept that has been written about since the beginning of creative writing. And you’ve patented it. And copyrighted it. Nice!

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      3. I shouldn’t have said “nice.” Sarcasm isn’t nice. Retracted, and apologies for that. To be honest, I didn’t think it seemed rational. Best wishes, and thanks likewise for explaining.

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    1. You seem to have a very conflated sense of moralism you sabotage others with like a self appointed Goddess defining what is right or wrong for the world. according to your whims. I don’t need to worry about others as a writer.


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