Soft scented candlelight’s flicker

Breezes whisk time itself away

Chilled wine slowly breathing

Far from the worlds peering eyes

As wet whiten ashes fall down

Like pillow feathers of heaven

A lone near frozen stream gurgles

Alpine fire pops, in a slow burn

In a fireplace of glowing embers

Windows covered in an icy sheet

And your trusting hand takes mine

We embrace our bodies and eyes

As we waltz across a wooden floor

To an old romantic song playing

Kisses help us escape misplacement

Going someplace neither of us

Has ever known in love before

Slipping off into a pale moonlight

Where are hearts and souls soar

In heights, understanding, each other

Through loves sole divine language

Etching promises on the others skin

Sealed by our kisses and oath whispers

Only our souls- could ever…interpret


Poet of the Light © 2020


15 thoughts on “Niche

      1. Totally up to you to change your mind and not like it in part or full. Implied doesn’t always match inference. I’ve enjoyed our exchange and I do hope I haven’t offended you in some way.


      2. Funny how many times I try to comment naturally in reply in this little box at your place now, but find myself caught in an endless loop of self-judgement. Thanks for having like-supported my work, I suppose. That was honest and/or it enabled me to see yours, which in some ways is like a vast number of others I’ve come across. At first it didn’t bother me too much here, and I focussed on the love, but I guess my mood is fallible. Shall we blame it on the moon? Happy travels.


      3. I’m sorry my and other artistic works here on WordPress brings out the worst for you. You’re welcome to slam my work all you wish because I’m different or for whatever reason you wish. It doesn’t change who I am or what I’ll write. If I don’t like someones else’s post, I simply avoid commenting out of respect albeit I still support their post as a writer/artist but that’s just me being me and I don’t need any rhetorical excuses to excuse myself.


      4. I’ve done the same (avoiding commenting and/or still supporting their posts as a writer/artists) at various stages and times in the past. Thank you so much for your kind reply and compassionate understanding. Your works also at some point brought out or revealed the best in me, or however that should be phrased. I’m sorry they didn’t yesterday. That’s partly on me. I agree, you don’t need any rhetorical excuses to excuse yourself. Thanks for replying.


      5. Nice try… If it were about compassion or understanding, you might’ve held yourself to these standards by swallowing your bitterness first, instead of attempting to use your like a cudgel and be injurious to others simply because you’re suffering from a bad mood and want to childishly take it out on others you point to as mostly at fault.
        Do feel free to see yourself down the road where others write more palatable reads to match your changing whims.


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