Ear piercing cries at our birth of life

Is apropos- for a lively introduction

Some relationships are just meant

To diverge- after their brief interlude

Perhaps completing their full purpose

However, some of us, can at times

Disagree wholeheartedly with that

So much so, we desperately cling

To what seemed so promising to us

Becoming wrought in disappointment

That deep unsettling churns within us

Muddying our understandments clarity

It almost seems to go against our nature

Altering the course of our former direction

With little or no regard to our preferences

But we’ll continue to flow with fluidity

Sometimes in a deeper, quieter fashion

While at other times, evermore intensity

Thanks in part our friend the now stranger

Like all streams, we’ll bend or overcome

Even our own predominate dissatisfaction

As delusional bubbles rush up only to burst

Or seize the moment as intolerable and die

As life settles again in clear understanding

Of our new selves, limits, and humanity

This is the nature of human life…in motion


Poet of the Light © 2020


10 thoughts on “Disrupters

      1. It is speaking of friends that have had a profound effect in our lives in a very short lived relationship, as if that was their only divine purpose in our lives; we never hear from them afterwards, nonetheless, our direction in life has been altered by their presence, yet we move onward.


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