I no longer desire those accolades

Where the universe surrounded- me

In tangibles colors or exotic praises

Where people pretended to be anything

But mostly, everything they were not

Where cold and heartless; was their specialty

And artificial bright lights, were blinding

Where mirrors are shattered illusions

And closed minds instructed to simply believe

Lost after life’s first microsecond fall


Oh- how I’ve found comfort in the shadows

Of my foolish former selfish persona

And mustered the courage, like a warrior

Seizing and slaying most of my walls feelings

Ones my vitiated egos had my childish fear build

In hopes to keep lies in and angels of love at bay

Now- I require the true firm concreteness

That salvages pieces of my ravaged heart

Where honest beauty of love is hidden within

And all truths radiate from our forgotten soul


So that I might live real love- yet once as a human

On that abandoned pathway of loves…archaic self


Poet of the Light © 2020


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