Oh- how my heart does so long

To live that ultimate last tango

That resonates clear to my soul

Where our partners blown mind

Serves as the biological landscape

And flight is repeatedly achieved

Where all our woes and world fades

And we slip between night and day

In ways our dreams can’t even depict

The kind of motion that never ends

Twirling us into a heavenly state

Where we are pulled and pushed

Glide across and then swept off

Where nails are lost in pinnacle sighs

And smotheringly embraced taught

In eager dips and elevated lifts

Yet perilously caught- and smiling

While exerting legs shake silently

As we both share the same thin gasp

Witnessing stars, the moon both cry

And unceasing beading perspiration

Flow from our pale bare essence

As our hearts syncs in rhythms

To beats of our unsung musical

Time; meaninglessly lost only to itself

As this last tango of bliss becomes…eternal


Poet of the Light © 2020


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