I miss what matters most

That inner known closeness

The type that dispels: alone


Sweet kisses of affection

Energetic filled conversations

Riddled with sound laughter


Breathless gazes from afar

As ones heart pitter-patters

Throughout a closed universe


Tucked random notes of love

Found where their lest expected

Sometimes- even years later


Those secret whispered messages

Blushing red into ones cheeks

Amongst a most clueless public


Memorabilia of those moments

Where that love has fully lived

During unscheduled vacations


Physical lingering fulfillment

After morning lovemaking

And tears of joy fell, silently


Long strolls in shallow waters

Childish play in fallen snow

Or waltzing in afternoon rain


Being three am chefs cooking for

The weekend breakfast in bed

Feeding each other concoctions


Gifting bouquets of fresh flowers

Because flowers always matter

To someone who always matters


Having loves silent communication

By simply sitting and holding hands

Because that’s… how love matters


Poet of the Light © 2020


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