A beacon island of ourselves

Encircled by a tumultuous sea

We become a host sanctuary

Oft typically of a sound mind

Steeped by human experience

Our aged overcoat of gullibility

Tends to be accompanied by

A painted red face of credulity

At the expense, yet once again

Of being wounded unfortunately

As shame echoes in our corridors

Like a mocking Blue jay ghost

For believing in low probability

We might be seen as acceptable

Despite low odds of possibility

We are childishly brave- for love

When our fluid heart feels invincible

That’s proven inevitability wrong

After being broken- by someone

Who themselves have been hurt

And seeking a fairy-tale solution

To heal their own shattered heart

Oh- a hero role we play unwittingly

Because delusions can mirror reality

But we dare to remain unchanged

As human souls, believing in love

Who love beyond the nothing…left us


Poet of the Light © 2020


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