Beneath my pall

Their “misunderstandment” is charitable

For how my life and I came to be now

As a lump in my throat was swallowed

I’m a hodgepodge of unwanted things

That others shattered and threw away

I’m stained and slightly marred, per se

Only to survive despite their objectives

As I overcame their crueler rejections

When I silently turned up, if only barely

To reside on the fringe of a subsistence

And recognize there’s life- in stillness

Void of a fury or intellectual dishonesty

And further removed from a false beauty

But more importantly, broken promises

Predicated on things, liars just imagined

Oh- those heartbreaks seemed unending

Like the nights ever pending darkness

Captive shivers in its last coldest hour

As I sat alone, forgotten in my trusting

Just before the light of a dawns promise

And my fragile hope carried me onward

So I could breath freely for another day

Absorbing love falling on, as amber rays

Verifying I’m worthy to be loved…faithful


Poet of the Light © 2020


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