I really don’t want you back

I know It would never last, now

Not the way that, you twist words


But when things got so wrong

What shoulder became so soft

That you could forgot bout me

Like yesterday’s late news story

Evading, all the answers I need


Tell me true, if you know how

Bout your truths that were lies

And how- how you could twist

Deceive a heart that truly tried

To love you- unconditionally?


Oh where is that magical place

You go when things don’t erase

From the corners of your mind

And your heart remains broke

As your thirsty soul feels denied?


How could I have been so utterly blind

Letting to you build a fools fantasy

Inside my colorful mind- so easily

Day after day like a lived a dream

You never planned to ever complete?


Tell me, my soul really needs to know

How could you just let my love…go?


Poet of the Light © 2020


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