Settlement may be a matter of subjective perception or position, as one defines their ultimate summit predicated on their ultimate objectiveness.


Newness is overrated and I was only new once- at my birth. There is something grand to be said of refinement the hands of time decides for us.


The depth I am is immeasurable in determining the height I stand. I don’t compete with the sun because I’ve come to understand my limits, I am sentient and a multipurpose free thinker whose time is limited whereas the sun is always myopic, senseless and caught within a timeless purpose not its own that serves everyone but itself.


I stopped rushing in choosing my paths and learned patients, which is where I also learned it’s the path that calls to someone and then leads them to true happiness. Euphoria is a short lived pleasure for an ego but the happiness found in Love.. is timeless to a soul fulfilled.


Poet of the Light © 2020


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