Dry spells

Is it in the water or something I breath

Something in the air is amiss

The winds of change- just

Don’t blow in my world like they should

It boggles your own heart

That always understood, strange

And I oft find myself

Up on some bluff, overlooking the vast

Carrying an unseen burden pack

Quietly asking myself,

Man- what the hell?


I wear different- in my life

Like a second skin

And its never about foolish pride

I am, just who I am

Never think twice about helping a friend

But how far does that really go,

When you’re burning life in slow mo,

And being passed by every loss second?

Only to shake your head in confusion

Like drunken cobwebs coming lose

Some late following afternoon after

Whispering echoes, in your mind

Man- what the hell?


Questions without answer

Trip over the new dawn when it comes

Life seems to be carrying a haze

Changing everything that matters most

Everything- just seems out of sync

Night is morning when you can’t sleep

As the lonely cold feels, all to welcoming

And inner hope starts wearing, doubts

You just know it isn’t right

Sitting alone by the river

waiting for something new to float in

Mumbling to the ripples in the water

This isn’t meant to be my life

And you stumble onward, looking up

Asking with your arms opened wide

Come on, Lord…what the hell?


Poet of the Light © 2020


9 thoughts on “Dry spells

      1. Good God, I may have to give you a job proofing for me. lol. Obviously one shouldn’t post while half asleep and too lazy to review their work properly. Thank you for pointing out yet another error of mine. Repaired.

        Liked by 1 person

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