I know


Oh I’ve been loved- once

Until I was crumbled up

Into sadness and trashed

Left to become swirling dust


Boy, I know what its like

To learn what love is about

By when its not around

As loneliness breaks your eyes



And I know what its like

To lose faith in your trust

When everyone else does

Because you trust love too much


I’ve known what its like

To love and still be denied

Get lost inside your mind

Become king to your own dark


I know just how painfully hard

A skipping heart can beat

When it you trying to breath

Drowning in a shallow sea


Oh I know what its like

To be kissed by someone

As tender as a summer breeze

Inside your phantom dreams


I know what waiting is like

Not to feel seen or seem alive

Wanting to be found, surprised

By understanding pair of eyes


Every heart needs and knows

Nothings better than being held

Inside warm and tender arms

That doesn’t want to let go

But trust and lets your roam

Knowing you’ll always…come home


Poet of the Light © 2020


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