Oh cynical world-

Where are you heading

What are all these lies

You seem to be telling

To everyone gone blind

But has a heart that still, feels


I find myself – at odds

Caught between Stoics

And the bleeding reserved

Both encapsulated in a dark

That truly breaks my heart

We have to turn, ourselves around


What about Love-

How will it ever grow

If we pull back and hide

For whenever hope- comes

Knocking on our door

But chose not to answer, at all


How’d we get so far

From where we once were

Mistrusting every strangers

By the clothes they wear

Because of someone else’s crime

Before we’ve heard, a single word


Befriend- is how it starts

It like a seed, our best chance

When finding our kinship kinds

Just as lost inside temporary time

Like us, in need of a little togetherness

Be a sparkle they find… inside dark silence


Poet of the Light © 2020

Inspired in part by a nameless follower~


18 thoughts on “

    1. YW. I used to be like…you. I understand, things have to be at your pace, in your time, in your place of sanctuary. I stopped being their victim and learned to start being…me. I wish great things for you. I’ll like your post but won’t invade further. Be blessed…

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      1. Please don’t think you are invading, I don’t feel that way at all. I appreciate your comments, and look forward to them. If this is how we chat for now until I feel more comfortable on a different platform, I’m fine with that if you are!!

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      2. Oh, well then…. thanks a lot anxiety!!! 😏 For some reason or another I thought you were wanting my email and etc etc. Which would totally blow my “nameless” status!! So yes, I’m all for chatting on here!! (Please forgive me for jumping to conclusions….)

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      3. No problem, nothing to forgive, really. … and completely understandable. I have CPTSD, writing has helped me a great deal. Been somewhat an introvert but now I’m really an ambivert. I’m very selective with who I exchange with, in person and online. I maintain a protocol for myself and do expand when I feel prepared for it or trust in someone has proven safe. I suffered from a terrible childhood myself and then some. So I find much if what your write relatable. Today I live life being more of who I was meant to be. I share these things because I’m not worried about it like I once was and so you know where I’m coming from too. 🙂

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      4. This is amazing, I’m truly blessed to have found you! I’m sorry to hear that you had a childhood much like my own, but I’m glad you find my writings relatable. I often wonder if my they benefit anyone other than myself! Thank you for being patient with me and not just writing me off like others would have! I look forward to reading more of your posts and chatting on here!!

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      5. Your writings will always be relevant to you, even if relatable to others differently, so- they will always make a difference, Benefit in ways, you may not notice for a long time. YW and I too look forward to more chats. Be advised I may be absent for a few days, so don’t think I’ve suddenly decided to blow you off. I’ve foolishly made these mistakes myself in the past.

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      6. Oh no problem, thanks for the warning!😉 I probably would have read too much into it, but I won’t now! And if you ever have had enough chatting with me, just tell me!! I hope you’re having a great night, and I look forward to hearing from you again!

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