Outcast peers

Normalcy for me, is aberration for others

Fringes are where I feel most comfortable

Albeit a handful or vast crowd of people

I’m not antisocial nor modernly eccentric

I simply pick and chose my social sphere

There is some truth I can be a bit pedantic

There are things that are important to me

And maybe, as much or as few that aren’t

We all have certain quirkiness’s to tend

From my unique observational point of view

I’ve silently learn to see things like a puzzle

Or at least, its digested in that manner, for me

Everything has its place to balance harmony

And there are a plethora of life’s nuances

Overlooked or sadly, cynically dismissed

People are the crudest of pieces on the board

Like when it comes to love; playing masters

While constantly changing themselves to fit in

Or lead others from a hubris nearsightedness

Right into a disaster- that was fully avoidable

Sometimes it is most disheartening to watch

Other times, it can really be quite comical

I guess truth is, I’ve always been this way

Pondering which road I should take, longer

Including retreating from whence I first came

Thinking deeper by stepping back, knowing

I’ll always be chosen by the path…that leads

Poet of the Light © 2020


11 thoughts on “Outcast peers

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