Stalled poetry

Multicolor stain glass shards

The flooring cover of his chambers

Antiquated cobwebs adore the ceilings

Skeletons of dried rose stems

Propped inside cracked vases

Now display dust instead of petals

Their floral scent, creully suffocated

Her picture hangs a wall

All to itself but draped in a dirty cloth

Antique harden ashes in a fireplace

Not a stale speck will stir itself

Fragments of fresh air have long left

His library shelves filled

Of unfulfilled dreams and wishes

Pictures of yesteryear’s bleeding their color

Spent candles strewn all about

Even his chair has dilapidated

On his desk, empty ink bottle and quill

Love letters, marked return to sender

Some- were never to sent to her

Penned on tear stained parchment, furled

The shadow of a man has taken rest

Blending into the walls tapestry

Darkness beneath…a lone window sill


Poet of the Light © 2020


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