Unsophisticated attire

She has vanished yet once again

Like the warming morning sun

Beyond the gray pall of winter

By way of a crows shadow, I guess

No note, no rhyme, no- matter

I oft made mind to greet, to need

So too has her mellifluous tweets

Of caring, understanding and reason

She used to visit, to chat like a friend

I miss what meaningful is missing

Maybe I’ve misstated something

Or I- was nothing more than a stop

Somewhere between north and south

A void between sad and her happiness

Albeit, briefly she does peeks through

Some obscure skyline clouded hole

I’ve seen evidence, what little there is

Perhaps dressed secretly as a moon

Or a zephyr that passed in silence

Far from my sight, like a rare bird

That flies only because their needs rise

I’m- just too simple minded to know

And now, I feel it most intentional

Oh, if only I was more than I am

If only I could follow enough to know

Or do I know a truth I don’t want to?

Perhaps its an unconscious punishment

For something I wasn’t or said, did?

Or worse, obtuse to the aura she posses

When cast upon us…dressed as scarecrows


Poet of the Light © 2020


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