Your words were like a revelation

Your whispers echoed in chambers

Speaking to a heart thought vacated

Unknowingly in a most sincere truth

But by your absence and silence, since

And sadly to say I’ve fully concluded

You mistakenly woke a sleeping heart

The way light does to all darkness

Except all remained an eerie silence

So much so, doubt is all that spoke

In place of your mellifluous whispers

Leaving me a stupor of confoundment

As my eager heart listened attentively

But proof in in the pudding of nothing

Your voice, a passing breeze in chimes

Its bitterness was- hard to swallow and

Hope, has all but vanquished now

Fruited reality has finally resonated

Twas not my heart you were calling

I’m not the destiny you’ve long sought

And you’re not- my dreamed saving angel

Who’s tender lips would bring me breath

And my soul a redeeming chance- to love

Though I would’ve still dared to follow

Your image, your whispers, your touch

Because love is always worth the risk

If- you know its love your dealing with

Yet my heart- can still dream me a dream

As I lay it back down, relenting it…to sleep


Poet of the Light © 2020


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