Beneath an unseasonal red moon

I lazed- being half consumed

As I gazed, up at delusional stars


My mind expanded galactically

As all my sensations sensing

Micro-explosions kept burning


My body felt tenderly from itself

As hers reveled nothing left to hide

Kissing like starving pariah to flesh


Her lipstick must’ve been laced

My heart quickened and raced

With drops of sweat from my body


Oh- smooth, wet and fully plump

Like a rare ripe Georgia peach

And sweet nectar of disbelief


I generously tasted without haste

As if I were wildly possessed

Despite the risk of being cursed


My soul being the currency of cost

As I slipped from heavens threshold

Plunging knee deep pass peachy skin


Air itself became an aphrodisiac

The greater I breathed in and out

The greater my craving became


Animalistic zeal took fistfuls hold

Barehanded like an untamed mare

As I mounted myself on and rode

She neighed in languages unknown

But I ignored any sort of answer

Until we fell naked from exhaustion


There on a blanket stowed in her car

For “in case of an emergency” stash

Or a life changing event of perchance


We panted like two horses after a chase

Energy sapped as a lesson was etched

Into my mind and every sensing muscle


Six years minor to her keen seniority

Earnestly tutored my full graduation

How lust can sin…so climatically


Poet of the Light © 2020


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