Long way from home

Sometimes I must admit

I don’t think It was worth it

When I get lonely and cold

Then I remembered, your sin


You tainted our Sundays pew

And I just don’t have it

Inside me now to forgive you

Not till I find, where I’m going


Broken golden promises

Used dirty rings to sell

Nothing worth me keeping

When keeping really meant nothing


A dozen times or so

I swear, I nearly turned around

Ready to accept all the blame

Just to keep from driving- on


You broke my heart- selfishly

Made it hard to breath now and then

Wrecked my mind and our dreams

I’m leaving, just to try and forget


Going wherever home don’t reside

Where the linger of your scent

Gets lost before my heart gets a whiff

One more mile closer, bound to nowhere


Some place on the other side

Where the sun shines on greener

Lord knows I’ll make it just fine if-

Your shadow doesn’t follow…me there


Poet of the Light © 2020


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