Love shack

Whiskey colored horizon

Fifty year old French chalet

Nestled in a southern mountainside

Nearby creek of fresh cold water

View of spender spanning for miles

A quiet gentle summer breeze

Filled with aroma of wildflowers

Adorned with bees and blooms

Memories etching themselves in time

Muted white clouds tumble past

Birds soar high overhead

As chickens run about frantically

Pair of dogs playful chasing butterflies

Music slowly dancing in the air

As curled up cats sleep lazily

A train meandering through a chasm

To the local town down in the foothills

The humming of a content woman

Draped and belted only in a sheer robe

Offering a smile and wink now and then

Goats and sheep graze in the landscape

Slow burning fire of seasoned oak

Simmering water for fresh coffee

As ambrosial stew slowly cooks

Me- barefoot, shirtless, in a warm sun

Tanning and weeding a seasonal garden

My heart and soul fully living love

Someplace I’ve…never been


Poet of the Light © 2020


10 thoughts on “Love shack

      1. Many millions must now appreciate and be grateful for their blessings and hold on to the future they are bound to create. I am lucky to have friends that have “things” and “places,” though I seldom borrow them. My most treasured “possession” is my wife. It is wise to wait to find the one you love rather than filling that place with someone out of loneliness. This plague will not last forever. God bless you.

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