No stranger is ever an acquaintance

No acquaintance is ever a friend

No friend is ever a best friend

No best friend is ever a lover

Labels matter for their reasons

Of boundaries and valued distinction

By nature the sun will never become a moon


Not all things in our lives are under

Our control, nor should they ever fully be

To love openly, authentically and free

To receive the best even amongst the worst

We must be willing to risk, its complete loss

By those we fully love; our pulsing treasures

That bring us to life, value and complete meaning


In those few heartfelt searing moments

Where skies turn black, life flips upside-down

I thought pain of betrayal, the upmost worse

Odd, how the degree of strange somethings

Is so noticeably distinctive from others

Setting a new and most unwanted benchmark


Little did I realize then, it had only began

And from that moment on, would progress

Pain would establish more apex marks

Unexpectedly, at most inopportune times

I would come to suffer, falter, then scar over

Just enough to see I’ve somewhat, survived

As time slipped away- so too- has- I


In part, because I refuse to accept, half-ness

Whenever it comes to things of great importance

Half of a heart or minimal relationship efforts

Conflating love into benefits of acquaintances

Some new idealistic standard of convenience

More fitting the natural cultural of the hour


Despite loss time, leaked voidness still remains

The sun rises, dust swirls and the wind blows

Flowers bloom, birds chirp and the forest burns

All I observe renews to some expected degree

I see or hear all I’ve already come to have known

Including this eerie silence as loves… living ghost


Poet of the Light © 2020


14 thoughts on “Fashioned

  1. That last line…maybe it’s me…it just reads..hopeless. Is that what was meant? I just don’t get it. The rest, wonderful..makes sense even. I do like seeing this–expanded style you have recently.

    Liked by 1 person

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