I just don’t know what it really is

Got hair standing up on my neck

Like I’m on the cusp of something

Something I really don’t wanna miss


Like a pending storm of pent-up swirls

That brings its massive energy and spring

Giving me this urge to start climbing walls

I’ve been patiently waiting for, birth of love


Maybe I’m bound for some exotic trip

I don’t like knowing what not to expect

Sure would be nice to meet someone

Or maybe she’s already heading, for here


Maybe these virtual windows are distraction

Maybe she’ll help change my perceptions

Maybe she’ll be like a Tsunami and Wildfire

A little bit crazy dangerous, with a good twist


Someone to understand me, inside out

Someone who thinks like me, not out-loud

Someone who wants to walk with me in rain

Someone who’s something, I’ve never seen


Something has gotta change, I remain open

Something has to be tangibly worth holding

Someone to be that something that’s everything

All I know, is all I don’t- gotta be each-others…storm


Poet of the Light © 2020


11 thoughts on “Proximate

      1. I know those feelings as well. I think too many people create too many obstacles that sabotage a pending love. It seems as soon as a potential love appears, they revert to their check list of conditions required to be met, ignoring love is meant to overcome all those pitfalls.

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