Bits and pieces

It randomly happened again today

I must admit, its been some time

Since last I thought of you- or us

If I was abetting man, which I’m not

I’d say, it’s been six months or so

In part I was relieved, but also- no

Its hard to understand that, somewhat

I still love you, but just not as much

Like a memento kept stored away

For no apparent rhyme or reason

It comes out now and then, seasonally

Its placement get smaller over time

I’m unsure why, perhaps time knows?

Strange, it and the world has changed

So drastically or at least my perception

Seems rather queer, to love someone

Someone who meant so much- thence

Fact is, its me, I’m quite certain of this

Truth be told- I still love- everyone

That I’ve ever loved, in some degree

I relish I’m this way but not braggadocios

I still share those memories, lost dreams

Even if they’ve all but nearly diminished

To nothing but a spontaneous thought

Maybe its the numbness you left behind

That void of what was us- I’m unsure

Some do think its unresolved matters

Lingering around, longing some answers

Like an unwanted ghost, to haunt a heart

But I think not- but maybe just fragments

That help guide us from the same mistakes;

Maybe to help solidify our own existence

Evidence- that we dared to love, honestly

Or at least I did, or so I think I have tried

Perhaps today’s event was just, to vent

Put feelings and thoughts into expression

Help make that space for mementos like you

Be smaller, slowly fade into absentmindedness

Maybe that’s what dementia is really all about

For hardcore lovers loving from the core of self?

Decompressing of love lost, tattered memories

Be rid of battered and bruised human scars

So when I leave this world- I can really leave

You, painful failures, and voids… truly behind

Poet of the Light © 2020


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