I dusted off yesterdays dreams

From my sleeves and my chest

After you up and left- yet again

You never say goodbye or apologize

Knowing how injured I’ll be tonight

You promised, you’d never leave

I was foolish enough to believe- whispers

And now, I find myself standing here

After walking mindlessly

In the dark depths of midnight’s air

Of all places I wander to here, all alone

Where we first said our “I love you”

And kissed with burning passion

I never thought would end

My lips feel as numb as my soul

Who would’ve guess, us two?

Would dare to defy all the odds

Polar shades of skins but not our desires

And now we prove, they were right

To question all our eagerly motives

That we kept denying, all along

Until we finally broke- both of us

Oh how I still feel the sting- burning

Deep down within me, and then some

Even stars feel too blemished to shine

Heavy is the night time hours cloak

How apropos, on my cheek it feels like rain

And my emotions, are fully inflamed, in truth

So much I can hardly speak to myself

I prefer a love as it was meant to be

The way your whispers painted to me

When you held my heart in your hands

Not the love you prefer to change, yet again

Whenever warmer winds- stir your restlessness

My darling, with all the love for me you posses

Gift me a last request-and forget… I exist

Poet of the Light © 2020


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