I thrive; in dark, though it appears bleak

Where a flowers bloom can be achieved

Even if witnessed by a lunar eye in silence

Unique, steeped in a divine set of process

Where petals serve as spoken epitaphs

Of a stem that once dared to behold them

A petal never falls, unless nourishment is gone

I don’t date, not by today’s meaning

I don’t interview a heart placement

I don’t befall to placated platitudes

I do- permit my heart to be taken- stolen

By authentic touches- seemingly berceuse

By whispers, words or full embodiment

Where logical emotions speak volumes

And every step taken, a new fulfilled promise

The way dawn does of the chasing sun

And the sun does of its beloved moon

It seems a most dangerous habit

I know, Oh- I know all to well my friend

As the dust settles and I- the carnage

Laying battered, busied or discarded

Almost a neglectful way of ones own heart

Unless absolute love, is the only option

A heart that’s so far has paid a high toll

Wrought with crevasses clear to my soul

Where my love for all others stems

And pure love for a promising one…still lives

Poet of the Light © 2020


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