Changed number

Three states, nine hundred miles apart

Been so long since we’d last talked

To be honest, I was a bit in shock

I can’t remember how many years

Or even the season or why you called

You just blurted out so nonchalantly

You’d just opened chilled Mogen David

Then you started dialing my number

As if you still knew me, after all this time

Maybe you never expected me to answer;

Like so many of those evaded questions?

I told you I still think of you all the time

Akin: I’m out trekking some mountainside

Chasing an invisible connection for my soul

And you followed- with a deep- long inhale

Just long enough to, stir up a little silence

Where I thought I heard your heart flutter

Like how your voice whispers my attention

But I was expecting, maybe a little more

I bit my lip and the suddenly you hung up

You were still able to bring hurt to my eyes

I tried to call you back but got your service

Your voice saying you’re out, “living it up”

I left a few messages, how we ought talk

But now I see all we ever accomplished

Was a craving love we left unfinished

Rode hard and put away in an odd silence

I think its time for maybe a new mountain

I’ve moved on to the factual realization

To know, is to hurt, what could’ve been…ours

Poet of the Light © 2020


10 thoughts on “Changed number

  1. I’m still attempting to get my hackles down…goodness…that drew some unexpected reactions! Holy Smokes…I want to beat someone’s ass.

    Liked by 1 person

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