On the edge of spring’s promise

Strolling barefoot as if it were summer

Our fingers clasped, shoes around our necks

We set out like two foolish lovers

Ignoring the world, spoiled in love

Muddled footprints in cold damp sand

Leading to a pier where we quenched lust

Talking and kissing with euphony ripples

We were just a normal girl and boy at heart

Acting like we held all the answers

To questions we weren’t prepared for

Our best response was hugs and laughter

And importantly relying on one another

We whispered all our dreams

On fleeting rays of those rusty sun

Who knew, we’d stumble into

“I don’t care” for every question

Long before we went our separate ways

We should’ve held onto those sun-rays

And the one our love always counted on

Did you ever get, all you wished;

When you left me for him;

And life on the other side in greener pastures;

Before the start of my winter?

Its hard for me to know now, girl

A lifetime and realms apart

Unless you can still here my whispers

In this crispy silent suspension

Sitting here, on that same cold beach

My breath in the air, watching ice recede

Still living on the wrong side…of us

Poet of the Light © 2020


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