Fog of war

Within my stalled twilight moments

I’m a fugitive that finds his escape

Upon that stark razor edge of silence

Your waiting absence embraces me

And its all I have left, of you to hold

I’m caught- intertwined in turbulence

Round and around does my heart go

Whisking my unhesitating mind too

Fragrances of your missed essence

Enliven surviving fragments of you

Your voice, the weight of your body

And I feel completely transformed

Where your ghostly touches do reside

On my cold skin like fresh whispers

And my erratic heartbeats rise and fall

Like ocean waves amidst of summer

As if duty bound to deny deaths capture

My ecstatic soul rages in full complicity

In rebellion against our unjust destiny

But the hands of time ignite a new dawn

I’ve run out of darkness to hide within you

I’m surrounded by unyielding seconds

Light and reality seizes me and control

And all of me, loses all of you…again

Poet of the Light © 2020


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