We’d clung to each-other like mortal enemies

Failing to understand it was instinctual survival

Our love stumbled in many cruel ways

Even breathing became a daily struggle

Until it all became- a bridge too far

Too far to see through a sorrowful fog

Or even beyond one more suffering hour

Then came that proverbial road and fork

And our feeble blind ego’s lead us astray

While our heartfelt promises, disintegrating

From everything our love once was

Forever altering our own senseless selves

All that once mattered, now- extinct

I stood alone, my mind and heart, numb

I was a soul gyroscope out of control

My sense of direction, you- noticeably absent

Confusion filled the void of lost understandment

And as a new reality was giving birth

Your fleeting footsteps echoed into silence

The fork and bridge had both long, disappeared

I was reborn into torn collateral subsistence

We’d become a loves magical tragedy

Written by our own or changed choices

Becoming sad and slow vanishing memory

Yet, unexpected things that stick with you

Suddenly arising at most queer of times

I can recall even today, my confusing state

Was the scent of fresh rain on hot blacktop

Even though it hadn’t rained in weeks

Maybe more to perplex us or divine distraction

But still- after all we encountered

Even after all we managed to destroy

I could still be profoundly moved, shattered- really

By your own volition, you chose to go

Upon hearing you’d lost your way, and your life

You found the end of your own destiny

From however happenstances it may have come

Tears overflowed my human eyes

And a part of me quickly felt guilty, self condemned

As if- I hadn’t done enough to save you, now or then

From yourself, from us, from love or times hands

I knew I loved you enough, to let you go

Find a new true love bathed in fresh freedom, hope

Somehow I still thought I overlooked something

When truth is, true love never really…goes

Poet of the Light © 2020


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