I’ve written you a million times

If not on paper, then on the air

Hidden deep inside my minds room

Where last bits of your fragments live

Each time a piece of me always knew

They’d be like missives in a bottle, tossed

Never to see light of day or recovered

And you’d never listen nor read my words

Nor would you understand my intent

To this day, I’m unsure if you ever did

Even now my heart flutters about

Like a naive wildebeest whose smitten

Glutton for punishment, a renewed chance

Willing to fight all reality to a bitter end

Still- expecting a sudden new outcome

Some queer unequivocal divine miracle

Despite you’ve being a devastating storm

Like an aberrational dark comet plunging

And I- was simply caught up in its path

Mesmerized in an instantaneous breath

By its nature, Its unmistakable beauty

To become scarred evidence…I loved you

Poet of the Light © 2020


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