The sun doesn’t always climb back up

After devastation has thundered through

Ones life like an unceasing wreaking ball

Not at least, at first, in ones frame of mind

And truth be told, it hasn’t been that easy

To dare consider venturing back outwardly

To dare look up into that same skyward

That once umbrella everything- us

Or consign fate still holds something

Hidden within those pattern of stars

Clutched deep in its mysterious galaxy

A pathway, if you will, renewed hope, love

Secretly I’ve watched the stars each night

Even when fog has rolled in like clouds

Endured blinding rainstorms and blizzards

I remained vigilant, with doubts echoing

Awaiting for them to finally realign

To catch me halfheartedly gazing

Yet halfheartedly believing, dreaming

That one night, it steals my breath, my thoughts

Revealing its secret plan, move my soul

Set me upon, the right course to…live love

Poet of the Light © 2020


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