Love can be painstaking for some

Those of us, gifting contemplation

And my pierced heart has laid siege

Occupying my mind, a normalcy

Juxtaposition questions motivations

By myself and also those of others

Never really seemingly satisfied

To the simplistic metrical answers

Almost as if, happily disappointed

We are honed to an unwanted truths

Ravaged emotions affirm the tallied

Plunging effortlessly within our soul

Plundering our anticipated expectations

Surely our roads to our sainthood,

Takes much more than our lifetime?

Despair is but most hard to swallow

By bitter palate awash in unseen tears

When incautious breeds the obvious

Out of love, we’ve learned to ignore

While cloaked in that human question;

Why am I so worthy…of such little effort?

Poet of the Light © 2020


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