I cursed you-

With every molecule of my being

Until the sound of my own voice

Abruptly breached my sleep

Rampant heartbeats, clashed into reality

And then I cursed you again

In a broken voiced whisper

As a fistful of sheets crinkled aloud

While I struggled to see about, nothing

In that slightly moonlit room

Where we shared our dreams, unadulterated

Sung old love songs like lovesick teenagers

As our random playlist reverberated

Where we hid like outlaws from the world

Pretending no one else even existed

As if, we were all that was ever created

And our utopian bubble, our oyster to devour

Where our sweaty nakedness shivered

Sinfully grinning as snowflakes pelted the windows

Where lust-filled desire drained our energy

As we remained intertwined during recovery

Where we ate breakfast in bed for dinner

Only to share delivered dinner at the next dawn

Where our long intimate talks still echos

Amongst candlelit aroma and blushing walls

Where nothing we owned was off limits

Reveling unquestionable trust in each other

Where promised words of our love

Became threaded around our emotions

That served as a protective palisade to our hearts

Until- all of it suddenly became

Meaningless and desireless to you in anyway

Igniting a maelstrom of destruction and loves existence

Becoming a galaxy of lifeless stardust…and me


Poet of the Light © 2020


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