Abandoned lanes


Beyond vivid images of who you are

Can only be found beneath their surfaces


How you seem to wander mindlessly

Yet, fully aware of all your surrounds

The way your eyes lend life to the sky

Enhancing colors and stolen moments

That unsuspecting wind teasing your hair

Remaining constant, like your heartbeats

How gently the sun caresses your soft skin

As its presence rarely leaves sign of a visit

How oceans well up in your soul’s windows

At the first sign anyone or thing, is in pain

Those sensitive little kisses in your sleep

Whenever you draw yourself closer to me

Midnight giggles in the midst of your dreams

Reliving our earlier childish chase that day

The way you adore the blush of nature itself

Almost as if it silently seeks out your notice

How you can’t wait to make snow angles

As your shivering laughter ignores the cold

The way heat always radiates between us

Like a consuming fire the never grows old

The way you can gaze out a window pane

As if your in commune with heaven itself

Breathtaking clasping of your giving hand

Knowing mine will always offer comfort

That delicate tone inside your broken voice

As it reverberates my name like a love song

How easily anger dissipates your mindset

Because your heart loves only whats import

Your “everything is going to be alright” embrace

When everything seems to be going so wrong

Surely you’re more than a ghost of my hopes;

And our footsteps just haven’t collaborated yet?


Attributes are the avenues I oft endeavor

Unfortunately I rarely encounter anyone…on them


Poet of the Light © 2020


27 thoughts on “Abandoned lanes

      1. I hope they’ve all been welcome changes in your life. I was inspired to write again, so I finished it and figure I should post it as well. Plus I figured I needed to check in as my notifications still don’t get fed to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. TY, its good for me to write when I’m not preoccupied doing other things, renewing my solo camping skills, practicing shooting my bow for my first Elk season, trying to do a bit of hiking as well.

        Liked by 1 person

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