Night drips

Midnight silence hums

As the moon fall asleep

Ice chilled whiskey glass sweats

When she stole the empty stool

Next to where I sat

And ordered a flaming shot

Then turned my way to say

I need me some doctoring up,

To fix my lonely heart “

Fine! I fully admit it

It happened in an instant

As soon as I looked, eagerly

Into the depths of her big blues

I willingly surrendered

All my questionable values

And my manly, resistance

Knowing there in that moment

There would be hell to pay- later

Like a morning or two after hangover

I’ll deal with it when I get it

But up and until then- valueless

Me and my desires cringed and grinned

Like an ecstatic child at Christmas

Unwrapping was half the pleasure

To the hidden toy within

And everything tastes sweeter

As passionate doctoring melts

Away at syrupy cream- drizzling

Creating an addicts hunger

Burning away human candles…before morning


Poet of the Light © 2020


6 thoughts on “Night drips

  1. i love how the first line had me thinking the poem would go in one direction, but it went another, and then the closing lines sort of put me where i thought the opening line would. awesome read!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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