Sun-ray’s flood a spring season

Beneath a flirtatious amber sky

Teasing warm breezes off the ocean

Seagulls soaring on merely nothing

Happy screams of some children

Taste of sweet promises- adrift

Snapping echoes of whitecaps

The scent of dawn is still fresh

Toots of an escaping ocean-liner

Infuse my veins like adrenaline

Murmurs umbrellas over a pier

Dreams to be, enliven the scene

Her pulse reverberates into my pores

As her hand nearly clutches mine

I feel the crack of transformation

Ripped from my idealistic surrounds

My breathing lost in confusion

Attempts at a quetch dry swallow

Goosebumps race up my arms

My prismatic eyes lost in distortion

Lofty snow coats a near empty park

I reach out my palm to catch some

As I sit in rest on an unused bench

I’ve become a shell…left unfound


Poet of the Light © 2020


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