It almost seemed unworldly

I seen you from afar, today

You were luncheon and laughing

And he was loving the moments

Absorbing your every breath

And gleam of your grins

The sunlight danced off your eyes

They way they used to, in mine

Then I saw you suddenly give pause

And slowly looked my way

I could feel your laughter in my heart

Just as I felt your ghostly hand, chill me

And with tears in my blue eyes

I couldn’t tell if you saw me

All I could do is gasp, and tremble

Deep down to my soul

I could bare to watch you walk away, again

To say I still love you

Would be putting it mildly

I know I’m never going to be perfect

But when it comes to loving you

I must admit fully…I’m guilty

Poet of the Light © 2020


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