Drunken monochrome of a gray clouded skyline

Unashamedly muffles the sound and warmth

As a new day here goes unnoticed of its birth

Sometimes- when struck by the right coolness

I visualize and feel like some attentive Penguin

Standing amongst others on the dark shoreline

While they celebrate unions and communications

Cold waves incessantly crash steps from my feet

Almost as if life is paying me an empty homage

I’ve become a King, on my own sandy stand

While my tired but studious eyes remain fixed

On the distant horizon, seeking but just a glimpse

Any modicum of difference- that changes normalcy

That distinctively and ultimately delivers an answer

Perhaps unbeknownst me, it likely drowned in route

Between shadows and fierce snapping whitecaps

For a question, I can’t even fathom in asking…myself


Poet of the Light © 2020


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