I used to be bothered, being broken

Always sifting myself to be separate

Recognizing parts are lost from a whole

They serves different functions of purpose

I’m hardly ever politically correct

And know- when I’m am, its by accident

Perhaps its my natural aberrations

After all, I know I’m not a politician

I have no need to drive myself crazy

Flip-flopping akin, a fish out of water

Lying to one group just for appeasement

While secretly cutting tether of another

But remembering to wear stolen gloves

For when its time to point guilty fingers

It’s stands to reason to, just be honest

Without intentions of cruelness: diplomacy

Wouldn’t that be the real face of positivity?

Be empathetic and honorable, simultaneously

Why steep myself in a dark collective group;

That handcuffs anyone’s unique thoughts;

Or destroys their soulful gift of creativity;

Only to appear drowning in fake affinity?

Waves of harsh critics needing to oppress truth

Lies- unjust human second nature choices

Via fear, trying to escape culpability by words

Albeit, I’m oft found alone on many pathways

Finding they serve as a safe harbors, sorta speak

As I peregrinate my journeys, in all life’s seasons

At least I know they’ve been seized by integrity

Like a beacon amidst an ocean…of darkness


Poet of the Light © 2019


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