Who’d be the wiser anyways?


Brokenness becomes the whole

In a settlement to ones soul


The wear and tear of love

Often fray all the feelings

Of a persons dying heart


Bleeding hope seeps away

In clear streams of panes

As they slowly- suffocate

On crux of deaths threshold


Caring motivation is traded

For a daily numbing substance

In creation of a life of subsistence


Its most queer how blind we are

When the darkness isn’t ours


And we can edify them in…past-tense



Poet of the Light © 2019


6 thoughts on “Anamorphic

  1. My ratio was off. I was following over 1500 accounts while I only have just under 500 followers. I want to equal my feed out. So it’ll be more personal. I was just following fuck all when I first joined. Now I’m around 900 so got about 400 more to drop. Winter cleaning. You were not meant to be in there. But I don’t kick people either… that was definitely a fucking glitch that had nothing to do with me.

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    1. I truly take your word for it and honestly I thought you were still following me. I never check who fell off by choice or otherwise. I considered your life might’ve gotten busy at first. We’re good on my end. Good luck with the winter cleaning.

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